On Faith and Worldview

The Pope addresses the US Congress in 2015.

Photo from USAToday.com

Originally published Oct. 8, 2015.  In this still-contentious political climate, it remains relevant today.

For a long time I’ve struggled to classify — for myself, if not for others — where exactly on the spectrum of political-economic leanings my particular worldview lies. Because unfortunately, it’s not clear — or rather, in my convictions, it’s plenty clear, but in our emerging binary-polarized schema, I don’t sort well.

While generally more conservative than otherwise, I’m probably batting less than .500 on agreement with the current Republican platform. And I am even less aligned to the Liberal perspective, though I find truths in a few of their causes as well.

But lo! The Pope addressed the Congress, and within the well-chosen (inspired?) words of his speech, I find I’m nearly 100% in lockstep with his perspectives on every major platform issue facing our Nation, the first world and our post-modern planet.

Maybe this coincidence is because we each strive to use the Bible and the teachings of our Savior Jesus the Chris as our moral guidepost, and not those of our own flawed consciences or of our world-stained political “leaders?”

To wit, while I don’t think I’ll ever choose to express my Christian faith through Catholicism, I find in this Pope the character, nature, conviction, and Gospel truth of a true Prophet of God. And if there’s anything that our world needs short of the second coming of Christ, it’s Spirit-filled witnesses of righteousness from all of its “big-C” Church leaders.


Copyright 2015


The Faith Deconstructed category offers an occasionally thoughtful, sometimes glib, always faithful look at today’s Christianity, from the perspective of a reformed skeptic.

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