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Why ‘Random Handyman’?
Once upon a time, when I was doing a ton of home improvement projects and imagined that I had a couple-few cool-and-useful hacks to share with others, “Random Handyman” sounded like a fun — and fairly accurate — YouTube moniker.

A few years later, as I got creative with other various side-hack ambitions and callings — spooky Fear Naught Tales; product invention ideas; essays about my faith, deconstructed; commentaries on  business, management, and PR/marketing topics; along with a potential tee shirt business — “random” seemed all the more to be a good fit for describing me, in my varying efforts in pursuit of these and other random ideas. It also fit with a contemporary take on the notion of a Renaissance Man, an ideal I assumed from my father.

Then, I had a literal epiphany — I realized the connection between my nom de vivre and the life and times of my Lord Jesus Christ. In His earthly incarnation, he toiled as a carpenter; I can only imagine the perfection of His various wood-shop works! But He came here to do so much more than cobble together chairs and cabinetry. His life’s work here changed the world and the trajectory of all mankind, for eternity.

To the extent that anything that I do is in response to a “capital-C” Calling upon my life, as He is the Master Carpenter, then I am simply a random handyman. Following in His footsteps, assisting Him with his projects; trying to live up to His perfect example.


About God and Saving Grace
Looking for God?  Good — because He’s looking for you, too!  He made me and you and the world and the Universe.  Then, when we showed through own hutzpah that we couldn’t steward the Earth — or even our own existence — He gave us a chance to do it our way for a few millennia.  We haven’t done very well, despite a few interventions like a flood and an exodus and a kingdom on Earth.  Maybe that was the point; we can’t do it without Him.  So He sent his Son Jesus to be tortured and to die in our place, in full payment of our sins.  Then He went home.  Nice.

But wait!  In his place, He sent a Helper — The Holy Spirit — and established The Church.  Filled with The Holy Spirit, God’s people — his saints — are empowered to resist sin, to help others, and to carry the message of God’s goodness, grace and mercy to everyone, around the word!

Want to know more?  Want to know God?  Click this link to learn more and to make that eternal connection.  You won’t regret it!

God bless!

Jeff Bishop
Random Handyman


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