Author: Random Handyman

With our Lord Jesus as the Savior Carpenter, then I am merely a random handyman, following along after Him; learning to use a small set of tools He's given me; helping Him build His Kingdom on Earth.

Church Deconstructed

This “Church for Noobs” guide offers a glib look at today’s mainline church, covering the lifecycle of a Christian from the perspective of a reformed skeptic and now longtime church member.  At times biting and borderline irreverent, the musings aim to be spot-on accurate about both the virtues and the foibles of the modern church and of the “church life.”

For church outsiders, Church Deconstructed means to tear down the imposing edifice to reveal that inside church is a place for all.  For insiders, it’s necessary to remove or replace the crumbling stones that we’ve built into our structure.  Or, simply, Church Deconstructed.


Read the personal Christian testimonies of famous, infamous and not-so-famous people at Testify!  Want to share yours?  Have someone whose testimony you’d like to know more about?  Let me know!

Idle Thoughts

Deep Thoughts From the Shallow End of the Pool features essays from PR, business, and life — which means they might be as random as any of the rest of the content on this site!

Idioms From Heaven

As I read the Bible, I’m awestruck by the many phrases, terms, aphorisms and expressions that I read that are in the contemporary colloquial, but that clearly had their origin in the Bible.  Idioms From Heaven unpacks these by describing where they originated and how current use is similar or different from original use.


Christianese describes the jargon used by church people; those who’ve spent a lot of time in and around churches and seminaries and religious academia.  The postings in this category constitute a “Saint’s Dictionary;” the collection seeks to define and deconstruct, with humor, the “foreign language” of these so-called church words.


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